Everyone needs to drink more safe, healthy drinking water — even in developed countries like the US, it is not always accessible. If the Flint, Michigan disaster showed us anything, it’s that no one is guaranteed safe drinking water. Even where water is safe to drink, it is not always readily available or convenient to get.

VitaFilta is the newest and most advanced, cutting edge filter and cooler, designed and developed by a team that has been in the industry since the early 2000 ‘s. We listened to what the market was telling us, learned from our prior experience and developed VitaFilta. What the market really needs is a convenient and affordable take-anywhere, modern design, counter top water filter and cooler that functions efficiently and effectively and allows people to maintain their health by drinking more water.

VitaFilta turns your tap water in to safe, clean, healthy, drinking water, free of lead and contaminants whilst retaining the important minerals – and it cools your water at the same time to a temperature of your choice. VitaFilta is convenient, practical and provides a big saving over alternatives. No more plastic water bottles are needed, get rid of the delivery service and enjoy the great experience of VitaFilta!

We took advantage of improved technology, fixed some operational issues with our previous model, increased the water capacity by fifty percent and with a modernized high tech design, bring VitaFilta to market as a whole new breed of water filter.

We have a very big problem with hydration and obesity among our kids in schools across the country. The problem is causing action from the very top — Michelle Obama’s “Drink Up” campaign is aimed at getting kids to drink more water and less soda.

VitaFilta puts healthy, clean, filtered drinking water in kids’ bedrooms or bathrooms, dorm rooms or classrooms. VitaFilta puts filtered water conveniently in your office. VitaFilta brings water outdoors on hunting, camping, or day trips. VitaFilta is self cooling and does not require refrigeration. It is energy efficient and operates in silence. VitaFilta is affordable and in fact generates savings for the family. With VitaFilta, the world will drink more water.

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