Cooler Rental Only

$7.99 / month for 1 to 24 months (you choose how long you want to keep the cooler) plus a $29.99 one time sign-up fee

First filter included; additional filters required to be ordered as needed (not included)


  • TheVITAFILTA cooler is compact, perfectly chilled and portable making it perfect for the dorm room, shared apartments, Fraternity and Sorority houses, or classroom.
  • Refill with regular tap water without connecting to a water source – making it convenient and affordable (90% saving over bottled water)
  • Holds 2.9 gallons of water


  • Maintaining a Healthy lifestyle
  • Slimming, weight management & hydration
  • Great tasting, ice cold, filtered water on tap anywhere fresh filtered water is appreciated.
  • Saving 90% on the cost over bottled water.


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